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Economics of Well-being


Odermatt R.

Course director


In this course, participants get a mind map of modern well-being research in business and economics. An introduction to the current state of knowledge in this new area is provided. The course enables participants to critically reflect various topics from a standard and behavioral economic perspective and provides new insights into how human beings value goods, services, and more general social and economic conditions. We also discuss the potential insights for the organizational context.


  • Understanding what matters for well-being
  • Knowledge on measures of people’s well-being
  • Introduction into and application of economic and behavioral economic thinking
  • Discussion of research in the field economics of well-being
  • Inspirations for your own work / your own world view

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The lecture combines theoretical and empirical inputs by the lecturer with focused discussions on specific issues. If available, empirical evidence based on statistical analyses are presented. In a group assignment, the students will study and present research articles from the discussed fields. 

Examination information

The assessment is based on a written exam in essay format. Details about the format of the exam are introduced during the course. Completion of a group assignment is mandatory. It will be introduced during the course as well.