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Estes Z. C.

Course director


Consumer neuroscience is the scientific study of consumer behavior via psychophysiological and neuroscientific methods. Neuromarketing is the application of consumer neuroscience in the marketplace. The basic principle of the course is that by understanding how the human brain works, it is possible to improve communications and predict consumer behavior more accurately. The main objective of this course is thus to provide a neuroscientific foundation for understanding consumer responses to marketing actions and communications. The course will introduce students to psychophysiological and neuroscientific methods, from skin conductance to brain imaging, and their use in research on consumer attitudes and behaviors such as brand perceptions and consumption experiences.


The aim of this course is to offer an innovative perspective and a critical approach of neuroscience to marketing. Students on this course should learn: 

(1) the basic principles and methods of psychophysiology and neuroscience; 

(2) how brain physiology constrains and predicts consumer behavior; 

(3) how neuroscientific methods can be used to improve consumers’ experiences of products; 

(4) how marketers can effectively communicate with consumers.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Presence and participation in class sessions is crucial for success in this course. Students must attend at least 60% of the class sessions, all of which will be held in-person. In case of absence from class sessions, students must discuss with the professor how to proceed. 

Examination information

Assessment is based on an individual written exam. Detailed evaluation criteria will be presented and discussed during the course.