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Exemplars of the Historical City


Frank C.

Course director

Gatta L.



The introductory two-semester course “Modelli della Città storica” attempts to lay some of the key historical as well as theoretical foundations in order to enable future architects to recognize the enormous resources and potentials that are embedded in what we tend to consider all too superficially as the “city of the past,” but which is in fact a highly complex set of exemplars and values that help to govern well-being in civic agglomerations throughout all ages. The approach chosen is one of comparing various global cities in various periods of time, from Antiquity until now, whilst asking the question of how architects and designers of the city have consistently responded to rising demands and complexities. The course will start out with the “Magnificent Three,” Amsterdam, London and New York. From there it will move forward and backward in time. Course materials include lectures, texts and films.


Foundation course, essential learning.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

80% Lectures
20% Visits (to be confirmed)

Examination information

Oral during examination period