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Design and Representation


Ruf A.

Course director

Alessandri M.


Bertozzi M.


Costa S.



The course is dedicated to surveying a fragment of an architectural reality. Specifically, it will revolve around four cities located on the Swiss north-south axis, starting from Bellinzona, passing through Oltdorf and Zug and ending in Zurich. The exercises assigned will examine certain architectural elements of private or public buildings in the cities' historic centres. Each student will have to study the object of the representation through the documentation collected during a site inspection (survey, sketches, photographic material, etc.). Then a series of pencil exercises will be developed to evoke form, textures, light and shadows. The final work will be a staging of the part of the façade chosen using pictorial techniques to evoke a true emotion.


At the end of the course, students are able to use drawing techniques as a tool for investigating the territory and reality with the specific aim of deepening the importance of the relationship between idea and knowledge. In particular, during the course, students learn to use new representation techniques to analyse, know and describe the reality that surrounds them.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

15% Lectures
5% Seminars
80% Practical exercises

Examination information

Oral, during the exam session