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Integrated Computational Tools


Gay J. L.

Course director

Oesterle S.

Course director

Crivelli N.



Conceived as an expansion of Integrated Digital Tools, the course focuses on parametric approaches and uses programming as a design tool, exploring the potential of advanced computational techniques in architecture. Mostly based on Grasshopper, an algorithmic modeling plug-in for Rhino, the course encourages students to playfully explore the potential of computation as a creative tool. The students proceed through a series of design tutorials from physical modeling to computation, learning how to control structures and geometries using customizable digital design techniques. On a theoretical level, the course provides a glimpse of the avant-garde research in the field of computational architecture as well as the innovative use of such technologies in design practice on all scales.


- Teaching of basic computational techniques using a visual programming interface (Grasshopper) - Introduction to computational notions such as algorithms, parameter space, form finding optimization, variability, etc. - Theoretical background of computational tools in architecture history (2000 – 2020) - Automation and optimization of the digital fabrication process - Integration of computational techniques in the students’ own design process

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

50% Lectures
50% Practice

Examination information

Oral during examination