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Sustainable Design Lab


Petzet M.

Course director

Magri L.


Tassinari I.



The Sustainable Design Lab (SDL) has been established to explore new methods of sustainable design and thinking in architecture and their implementation in practice and teaching. It will be an experimental laboratory where students will be challenged to understand the meaning and implications of the concept of sustainable design from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. We will alternate between group exercises, theoretical seminars, and guest lectures by internationally renowned professionals. In the SDL, students become researchers, working on essential questions about the contemporary conditions of architectural production. Since this field is constantly changing, we will choose a very current topic close to the beginning of each semester. Possible questions are: How can sustainable architecture be legislated? Can buildings become circular? Can cities become carbon neutral? How will we produce architecture in the year 2050?


The goal of the course is to help students be conscious and responsible in their design projects: to understand how to achieve the maximum positive impact on society with the minimum negative impact on the environment.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

30% Lectures
70% Practice

Examination information

Group work