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Project I: Atelier Aires Mateus


Aires Mateus F. X.

Course director

Aires Mateus M.

Course director

Broggini M.


Clerici M.



The course pursues the development of the project as the material consequence of a unique idea, by experimenting and verifying the project itself through models on a large scale and different materials. The didactic path will therefore develop from the territory to the large scale, from which will be selected a suitable site for the project, on the almost physical scale of simulated architecture in a visible space.

Fall semester: Open architectures: Stockholm, Sweden


The course focuses on the process that leads from idea to project from a spatial and programmatic point of view, from the spatial scale to the scale of detail and materiality, promoting autonomous and critical development by the students.
The course also aims to develop a clear and convincing ability to express the project both graphically and verbally.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Design studio - individual

Examination information

Final review


Study trips

  • Stockholm, 05.10.23 - 08.10.23 (Compulsory)