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Digital Representation 2


Gil Ad L.

Course director

Contro E. A.


Crivelli N.


Dobrowolski R.



From a project to reality we have a long and complex process that requires imagination, abstraction and checks. Digital tools allow to explore the architectural project before its realization. The building of a virtual simulations is a crucial moment, it's easy to fall into a false story. The atmosphere we generate is the key to deal with a useful virtuality. Most of the time during this course will be dedicated to create a digital image. It is important not to lose the link between photograpic culture and the advanced simulation tools that produces digital images. Elements like framing, positioning, focus, color, light, etc. are very important for both disciplines.


Capacity to manage architectural drawing by digital means. Capacity to construct a three-dimensional digital model. Capacity to realise digital images (rendering).

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In presence

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