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Building Systems


Molina M.

Course director

Palma D.



The course provides the instruments for a critical choice of plant systems, for their correct dimensioning, for a critical assessment of performance needs and requirements and for an appropriate cost-effective ratio. The following types of systems will be dealt with in detail: heating, ventilation, summer and winter climate control, plumbing and sanitation, protection and safety, electrics, transport and communication, systems and renewable energy. We will also analyse elements of integrated design and fire safety. The semester will deal with case studies of real buildings, with numerical practical work, encouraging interaction with the design themes presented in the Ateliers.


In this training course, fundamental knowledge is acquired for selecting and evaluating concepts and for planning heating, ventilation, summer and winter air conditioning, water and sanitation, protection and safety, electrical, transport and communication systems. Particular attention is given to concepts of renewable energy installations. The student is informed about the influence of technical choices on the sustainability of the building.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

75% Frontal lesson
20% Practical exercises
5% On site visits without overnight stay

Examination information

Written during the exam session