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Project BSc2-I: Housing - Atelier Juaçaba


Juacaba C.

Course director

Bailey M. T.


Merz V.


Monacelli Bani L.



During the first semester the atelier will continue researching domestic spaces in terms of thermal comfort, elaborating the research of Lisa Heschong and her book ‘Thermal delight in Architecture’ (1979, Mit Press) paying careful attention to the micro and macro landscape and climate conditions of the site.


Declinate the reflection on domestic living, both individual and collective, with great attention to the context with which it relates.
Investigate the potential of undefined spaces for living, free to change and adapt to human needs, in a respectful coexistence with the context.
Work on transitional spaces and left over spaces, reflecting on the importance of leaving the space free and flexible for the users and for the entire community of interest.
Giving care to public and semipublic spaces in every step of the design process, for both semester.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Weekly reviews with professor and assistants. Group and individual research will alternate during the process. The atelier supports independent research through weekly feedbacks. Self-organisation, communication and agency are seen as important skills and the students are given autonomy and responsibility in coordinating their individual and collective participation in the atelier. 

Examination information

Drawings and models hand-in. Constant presence during the semester. Final presentations and reviews.