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Project I: Atelier Nunes-Gomes



In the autumn semester three studios, Bonnet, Collomb and Nunes-Gomes, will share the study of the Ljubljana area. Each design studio will maintain its thematic and programmatic autonomy, while the cartographic and iconographic materials, theoretical lectures and reviews will be shared.
The studio works on the methodology of the context-related project. The project, understood as an instrument of architectural research into the landscape, is developed at a preliminary level but verified in its actual feasibility. Generic aspects of landscape construction are studied as well as the concepts of transformation and superimposition. Time is presented as a central element of the design process and landscape construction processes. The issue of climate transition and ecological sustainability will be present in the research into design for spatial transformation in landscape architecture. The atelier will pay special attention to the representation of the project by exploring the static and dynamic aspects of the landscape. 


To achieve the necessary basis for understanding and reading the landscape as a collective construction to which we add our contribution; To know the foundational elements of the landscape (geology, topography, climate, hydrology, and ecology), which build its natural tectonics, and to have a perception of its systemic functioning and its temporal and spatial dynamics; Acquire a design method that works continuously at different scales (from the territorial scale to the detailed scale and vice-versa), continually measuring the spatial and systemic consequences of each design decision at all scales of the project; Experiment with forms of representation that support and nurture design research; Use these tools for the construction of landscape architecture.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The research, in a studio environment, will consist of an analysis of cartography and other documents, and design research based on two-dimensional representation and three-dimensional models of the landscape.

Examination information

The evaluation process will be continuous: each week the students' work will be followed by professors and assistants, thus building the intermediate and final reviews which will involve external critics.


Study trips

  • Ljubljana, 28.09.23 - 30.09.23 (Optional)