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Project I: Atelier Waldrap


Walter R. S.

Course director

Borawski Z.


Romagnoli P. M.



For an existing urban situation in Zurich Altstetten featuring a building block from the 1970s we design strategies for repair and a spatial reorganization. This involves holistic concepts that depict the outdoor space and built structures as an interconnected urban system. The examination of urban climate, urban nature, and CO2-reduced construction forms the basis of future architecture and becomes a decisive factor in our design process. Analyzing various buildings that have undergone significant changes over time helps us understand and demonstrate the potential and possible approaches to the existing building structure. How can we achieve an improvement in the urban spatial situation with minimal construction effort? Our course fosters an inclusive discussion, following various sustainable concepts as a collective practice.


Repair and reorganization of an urban block in Zurich Altstetten

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Research of buildings and their architectural and programmatic changes over time
Analysis of the urban situation and the existing building block
From the beginning, digital 3D models serve conceptual, constructive, and visualization purposes
Process with shared digital models
Design proposal in groups of two

Examination information