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Construction Archetypes and Materials of Pre-Industrial Architecture


Dusi C.

Course director


Architecture in our time is made up of increasingly extensive and rapid innovation and constructional experiments. Yet, the roots of architecture lie in constructional and typological models that over time have been defined, fixed and sedimented in a slow evolutionary process, that still provides a (material or ideal) frame of reference essential to the architect. The course seeks to convey an understanding of the building systems, elements and materials that architecture was built with until the middle of last century. It will analyse their features, evolution and continuity, their typological outcomes and relations with the project. The objective is to give students the tools for a historical understanding of architecture beyond its formal and stylistic aspects in all ages, to understand its principles, general rules and capabilities: necessary skills at a time when reuse, low-tech architecture and sustainability are growing increasingly important.


To introduce the student to the knowledge of traditional building systems and to provide the tools for personal development.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

50% Lectures
15% Seminars
20% Practical exercises
15% On-site visits without overnight stay

Examination information

Oral during the examination session
constructive analysis of a case study



Study trips

  • Colletta di Castelbianco (Sv), 15.09.23 - 16.09.23 (Optional)