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Frank C.

Course director

Gatta L.



This Masters course will be dedicated to the arts and architecture of the European “Enlightenment”, a ground-breaking period in European history which spanned roughly the years 1680 to 1815 and which paved the way towards profound social and economic change, industrialization and modernism as we still know it today. It was profoundly driven by scientific insight and critical thinking which left no domain of knowledge and creativity untouched. Furthermore the Enlightenment opened all subjects of interest to public discourse, enquiry and criticism. 

The course will exemplarily look at buildings and works of art, which were either brought about or impacted by enlightened thinking, and which have in due course attained a canonical position in the history of art and architecture.


Critical and historiographic analysis of the topics discussed during the course.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

100% lecture course

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Written Paper