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Territory, environmental history and historical landscape


Leggero R.

Course director


The aim of the course is to enable students to identify and understand the definitions of “territory”, “environment” and “landscape”, and be able to illustrate, in general terms, the most significant phenomena related to the history of the environment and the landscape. Particular stress will be laid on illustrating the general themes of environmental history, and sources and methods for the study of the landscape. The case studies will be related to the reality of medieval rural communities and municipalities, illustrating the relation between settlements and collective exploitation of environmental resources (the commons). A series of reflections will make it possible to relate the proposed historical phenomena to contemporary developments in the themes of environmental exploitation, pollution, marginal areas, proximity services, water use and the new commons.


The course aims to enable the student to identify and understand the definitions of "territory," "natural environment," and "landscape," and to be able to illustrate, by general frameworks, the most relevant phenomena related to environmental and landscape history. 

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Frontal lecture, participatory lecture, seminar lecture

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Oral Examination