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Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages


Mondini D.

Course director

Gitto F.



The course focuses on the analysis of architecture and its relationship with figurative art in the Mediterranean and transalpine area from Late Antiquity to the fourteenth century (4th-14th century): from the early Christian basilicas of Rome to the great Romanesque buildings of Speyer, Cluny, Pisa and Modena, passing through Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, San Vitale of Ravenna, the mosque of Cordoba, the Palace of Aachen with its chapel; and again, from the churches of Norman Sicily to the Gothic Cathedrals in France and their reception in the Holy Roman Empire – in Germany and in Italy.


To offer an introduction to the history of medieval architecture and art: themes, significant monuments, terminology, critical fortune.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

90% Lecture
10% On-site visits without overnights

Examination information

Written during the exam session


Study trips

  • Milano, 18.07.24 - 18.07.24 (Optional)