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Bachelor of Science in Informatics (BINF)


The Faculty of Informatics aims to train informatics experts that are interdisciplinary in approach, with abstract thinking and generalisation skills, a sound knowledge in the application fields of information technologies, as well as project-management and teamwork abilities. The Faculty stands out as a centre of competence in advanced informatics.
In a matter of very few years, it has become one of Switzerland’s major poles for teaching and research, ranking third after the two Federal Institutes of Technology, Zurich and Lausanne. The Faculty is actively involved in scientific research projects on information systems, in particular: software engineering, distributed systems, computer networks, and computational sciences.
The bachelor's programme is project-based and comprises 3 years of highly integrated courses and team-oriented projects. For graduate students, the Faculty offers several specialized Master's programmes (2 years) and a research-oriented PhD programme (3 years). The PhD programme is highly selective and gives students the opportunity to participate in national and international research projects.

The tuition language in the Faculty is English.