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PhD programme of the Faculty of Informatics (PHDINF)


The Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Informatics at the Università della Svizzera italiana promotes the development of new professionals interested in academic or industrial research careers. A successful Ph.D. student will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the general field of informatics, as well as an in-depth specialization in an area of interest.
Working with one or more members of the Faculty, the student will learn the methods and practical skills to conduct research, and will contribute original, useful, and scientifically valid ideas in their chosen area. PhD students are also encouraged to explore other areas and to interact and collaborate with other students and professors within the Faculty as well as in the broader research community.
At present the Faculty awards the following qualifications: PhD in Informatics and PhD in Computational Science.

The Ph.D. programme is governed by regulations adopted by the Faculty.