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Bachelor in Communication (BCOM)


The Faculty of Communication Sciences is the only one in Switzerland to provide an interdisciplinary education, which blends the humanities, the social sciences, economics and technology. The Faculty offers specialists a solid background for various professional contexts: mass media, business, public institutions, and new technologies. Moreover, since 2012, it offers a comprehensive programme in Italian language, literature and culture, coordinated by the Institute of Italian Studies.

On the strength of its identity, combining intercultural perspectives, interdisciplinarity and multilingualism, and a careful eye towards listening skills, the Faculty brings together researchers and teachers from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest: communication.

The Faculty of Communication Sciences offers its academic degree programmes into three stages: a bachelor's (3 years) and a master's (2 years) degree and, for those willing to conduct postgraduate research, a three-year doctoral programme, awarding the degree of PhD in Communication Sciences.