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Faculty of Economics


The Faculty of Economics adopts an international and interdisciplinary approach, aiming to educate economists able to perform in a global market. Bearing in mind that Lugano is Switzerland’s third-largest financial centre, the Faculty directs much of its efforts to teaching and research in finance-related disciplines. One of the most important advantages for the student in the Faculty of Economics is the favourable student-faculty ratio. Lectures and seminars are held in small classes. In keeping with the Bologna system, the Faculty of Economics organises its academic degree programmes into three stages: a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and, for those who conduct postgraduate research, a three-year doctoral programme, awarding the degree of PhD in Economics. The areas of specialization for the undergraduate programme include financial theory, business administration and political economy. Graduate programmes are offered in finance, public economics and management, as well as interdisciplinary programmes in cooperation with the Faculty of Communication Sciences.