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Centre for the History of the Alps (LabiSAlp)


The Centre for the History of the Alps (LabiSAlp) grew out of the Istituto di storia delle alpi (ISAlp), which was founded in 2000 by the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and the International Association for Alpine History (IAAH). In 2006 it moved to its new accommodation at the Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio. The Laboratory’s main focus is the Alpine area in its economic, social, cultural, demographic and political aspects. The research interest concerns both its endogenous dynamics and its interactions and exchanges with the extra-alpine world.

LabiSAlp is located in a linguistic, cultural and political border area, which mirrors and confirms its mission: building links and promoting communication and cooperation between interested researchers, universities and historical research centers in all the countries of the Alpine arc. Moreover, its affiliation to the Accademia di architettura helps generate synergies for research on the territory.

In addition to the competitive research projects, the organisation of conferences and the didactic activities of its collaborators, LabiSAlp houses the secretariat of the International Association for Alpine History (IAAH), coordinates its events, and publishes the annual journal “Histoire des Alpes - Storia delle Alpi - Geschichte der Alpen”.

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