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Quality Assurance Service


The Quality Assurance Service is responsible for a sound administration of quality assurance within the USI focused on the three main domains: teaching, research, and services to the academic community.
The Service’s activity programme includes:

  • Collecting and elaborating statistical data on students, assistants, teachers and professors, services and infrastructure.
  • Carrying out the students’ feedback on every semester course for all five USI faculties and for specific programs.
  • Yearly, biannual or targeted surveys on the satisfaction of all USI users: students, academic and administrative staff, researchers, etc.
  • Providing support in all the review and evaluation procedures organised by the Rectorate, by the Evaluation Commission and by the Academic Senate.
  • Contact and collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, which collects data on students and graduates, and manages the Swiss universities statistical systems.
  • Collaboration with the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ) and be part to the different Swiss quality assurance networks.
  • Providing support to all USI services and faculties with regard to information, surveys, evaluations and feedbacks, and statistical operations.
  • Implementation of a system of indicators and of performance measurement for data collection (in collaboration with the Reseach and Transfer Service).
  • The development and management of a system for the definition and monitoring of USI macro-processes and processes, in collaboration with the Administrative Director and the IT services.
  • Participating in the processes related to institutional accreditation 2020, in collaboration with the AAQ and swissuniversities.