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Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in BioMedicine (CASE BioMed)


With an annual growth rate in excess of 10%, the life sciences are one of the strongest industrial sectors in Switzerland. The research results and inventions generated by universities can make a major contribution to the progress in life sciences if they are transferred to industrial companies and developed into marketable products and services. In particular the establishment of new companies – spin-offs or start-ups – ensures that the results of research are turned into innovative medical products and that new jobs are created.

In 2009 Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) started to develop leading-edge comprehensive advanced programs – BioBusiness, MedTech Business, BioClub – to provide young life sciences companies with the theoretical and project-based practical skills needed to develop, fund and market biomedical innovations. These programs are now offered through the Center of Advanced Studies on Entrepreneurship in BioMedicine – CASE BioMed, an autonomous structure within the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences. In this way, CASE BioMed will also contribute to complete the scientific and biomedical education provided by the Faculty.

Executive education - Advanced Comprehensive Programs in Biomedical Entrepreneurship