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Damiano Costa


Damiano Costa is Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy where he is also Director of the Bachelor in Philosophy (BAF) and the Master in Philosophy (MAP), which he contributed to create in 2017.

After his PhD at the University of Geneva (2014), he taught courses at the University of Fribourg (2014-17), Geneva (2015-17) and at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford (2019). He has been Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (2013-14) and Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford (2019-20).

He works on analytic metaphysics and his research interests include medieval philosophy as well as philosophy of science. On these topics, he has published a monograph and several articles on journals such as The Journal of Philosophy, The Philosophical Quarterly, Synthese.

In 2022, his project "Temporal Existence" has been awarded a 1.8 million CHF grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation within the funding scheme "SNF Starting Grant". He also leads the project REF22-25, involving three senior researchers, aimed at fostering research in philosophy at USI.

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