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Theo Maeusli


Theo Mäusli studied History in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva. His doctoral thesis focuses on the perception of jazz in Switzerland thirties. In collaboration with the Swiss National Sound Archives he organized several scientific conferences and created the'Colloqui del Monte Verità. He has conducted research on the social history of radio in Switzerland (1930/1960), sustained by the Swis nationl found for research (SNF). He was co-responsible and editor of the project "History of Swiss radiotelevision" (3 Volumes, commissioned by the General Director  SRG / SSR-idée suisse), and collaborated as expert in media history with the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HSL). He is the author of several scientific publications (history of mentalities, and cultures, particularly in relation to the social history of radio/television and digital archives). Mäusli teached at the universities of Zurich and Basel. Since 1996 he collaborates, as researcher and professor, with Università della Svizzera italiana. In 2000 he was appointed Chief of the Canton Ticino for the national Expo.02. Since April 2002, he was responsible for the archives of the Swiss Radio and Television of Italian language. Actually he is  expert for Archives for the General Management of SRG SSR. Mäusli is a member of the Executive Comitee of World professionals organisation of audiovisual archives FIAT / IFTA. He lives with his family in Agno.