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Leonardo Sacco


Our Neuropsychological and Speech Therapy Unit conducts research projects to identify, prevent, and improve cognitive and behavioural dysfunctions related to acquired brain damages and diseases, such as traumatic brain injuries, inflammatory diseases, patients affected by adult ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and Dementia.


The scientific projects are mainly focused on the application of multidisciplinary approaches to understanding brain mechanisms responsible for the onset of cognitive alterations, and to identify new rehabilitative-therapeutic strategies to limit cognitive disturbances in neurodegenerative diseases. In this context, researchers’ work is currently focused on investigating the effect of magnetic transcranial stimulation (TMS) on social cognition abilities in patients with mild cognitive impairment to improve skills to both understand themselves and interact with and understand others. At the same time the researchers are developing new tests for the detection of social cognition deficits.

 Educational initiatives such as university masters, symposia and courses, as well as periodic meeting with the general population are a further basic pillar of our Unit member's mission.

We are involved in Phase II e III clinical trials regarding disease modifying therapy for Alzheimer's disease.