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Matthias Hauswirth


Matthias Hauswirth joined USI in fall 2005. He received his MS (2002) and PhD (2005) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests include approaches for measuring, understanding, and improving the performance of modern, complex computer systems. He is particularly intrigued by the intricate interactions between the different system layers, from the hardware, over the operating system, virtual machine, application frameworks, all the way to the applications and their users. Matthias has served as a member of program committees of international conferences, such as OOPSLA, ECOOP, and PLDI, and he is a member of the HiPEAC European Network of Excellence, focusing on the area of binary translation and virtualization.

Besides research, Matthias also loves teaching and enjoys mentoring students during projects, internships, and dissertations. He jumpstarted UROP, the informatics faculty´s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which enables junior students to discover the exciting world of research, and he is involved in EFI-CH, a national project to spark excitement and interest in computer science by reintroducing informatics in the curriculum of Swiss high schools.

See also: Matthias Hauswirth´s homepage.


I am interested in the area between programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software, its users, and its developers.

I am leading the Software and Programmer Efficiency (Sape) research group.

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