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Mauro Pezzè


Mauro Pezzè is professor of software engineering at the University of Lugano and at the University of Milano Bicocca. Prof. Pezzè is interested in software engineering and in particular insoftware test and analysis. Before joining the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano Mauro Pezzè was professor at the University of Milan Bicocca, associate professor at Politecnico di Milano and visiting scientists at the University of California Irvine and at the University of Edinburgh. Mauro Pezzè holds a laurea degree from the University of Pisa and a PhD from Politecnico di Milano. He is member of ACM and senior member of IEEE. He serves asassociate editor of ACM Transactions of Software Engineering and Méthodologies (TOSEM), he served as executive chair of the Technical Committee onComplexity in Computing (TCCX). He served as chair and member of program committees of many international conferences. He is co-author of a book on"Software Testing and Analysis: Process, Principles and Techniques" publishedby John Wiley in 2007.

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