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Cristina Paradiso


 Cristina is a PhD student and teaching assistant in the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management of the Faculty of Communication, Culture, and Society. She graduated in 2015 in Media Languages within the faculty of Literature and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. Later, she earned her master’s in marketing and transformative economy at the Università della Svizzera Italiana. During this period, she also studied abroad, at the Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon, where she delved into the cultural aspect of consumer behaviour. Since 2022, she has been part of the research project entitled 'Social patterning of economic subjectivities and the digital transformation of retail finance in Switzerland', funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and led under the supervision of Professor Léna Pellandini-Simányi.


Her research project investigates how the digitalization of retail financial services reproduces, deepens (or flattens), and rearranges existing patterns of economic subjectivities across different social groups. She looks precisely at the consumer side of this process, studying how the economic subjectivities called forth and scripted into financial products are appropriated by consumers themselves and the way the script of these digital products attracts and deters consumers of different social backgrounds.


SASE Conference 2023, Rio, July 20-22. Pellandini-Simányi L., Musil R., Paradiso C. (2023). “Foucauldian vs STS approaches in the study of digital devices: The case of digital financial platforms”. (Abstract, conference not attended)

Pellandini-Simányi L., Paradiso C., Musil R. (2023). “Scripting the habitus: Class and financial decision-making in the age of digital consumption” (CCT conference 2023). Consumer Culture Theory Conference Proceedings.

SSA Workshop, Lausanne, 30-31 March. Musil R., Pellandini-Simányi L., Paradiso C. (2023).The taste for money: How financial platforms enact classed relationships to money”. (Abstract, conference not attended)

SAMS Conference 2022, October 28. Pellandini-Simányi L., Paradiso C. (2022). “Subjectivity and governance in algorithmic choice-making: Implications for social class and consumer vulnerability”. (Abstract)