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Leonardo Alchieri


Leonardo Alchieri joined USI in April 2022 as a PhD Students at the Faculty of Informatics. 

He obtained an MSc in Data Science from the University of Milano-Bicocca in 2022, with a thesis titled Multi-Modal Continuous Valence-Arousal Estimation in Videos, under the supervision of prof. Simone Bianco and Dr. Luigi Celona. He got his BSc in Physics from the University of Milano in 2019, with the thesis Glitch classification in the Planck/HFI experiment using Neural Networks, under the supervision of prof. Maurizio Tomasi.


Leonardo Alchieri’s research interest lay in Mobile and Wearable Ubiquitous Computing, ad well as Affective Computing. In the past he has focused on Quantum Machine Learning as well. 

See his Google Scholar website or ORCID website for more information about up-to-date research publications.