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Susanne Stigen Pescia


Teacher at the USI Università della Svizzera italiana since 2006, she is a senior lecturer, trainer of Italian L2 language lecturers, supervisor of the National languages taught at USI and head of the Laboratorio di Lingue Moderne, the USI Language Centre. Her courses include sectorial courses for students of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences.

She graduated in Italian and English literature from the University of Zurich after writing her thesis "Ariosto and Bandello in England: intertextual reading of Shakespeare´s Much Ado About Nothing" with Professors Georges Güntert and Max Nänny.
For several years, she was a freelance translator in Zurich, London, Bern and Lugano. Her interests lie mainly in languages, literature, film and theatre. She speaks Italian, Swedish, English, German and French.

She is a delegate of the Association of Swiss University Language Centres SSH CHES CSUS and the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education CercleS.