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Joanna Bing Liu


Joanna is PhD Candidate - Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, USI - Università della Svizzera italiana.

Her research area focuses on the challenges in the field of digital communication in fashion, identifying models of cross-cultural digital fashion communication, and sustainable digital fashion communication to support companies in using digital channels to communicate with specific markets, especially exploring the differences in digital communication in China and Europe, such as how does social media work in China and Europe? How can online strategies and digital channels be used to reach local customers? How to benefit from the fast-growing digital market in China?

Joanna is a teaching assistant for the MSc in Digital Fashion Communication at USI –Università dellaSvizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland), Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society.

 She holds a MA in Economics and Communication from the Università della Svizzera italiana.

During the past decade, she worked as a business and investment consultant in Switzerland and other European countries.
She has been hired by government agencies and companies as a specialist on business development in China and Europe.
She is a marketing expert in business development and solving communication problems for companies to expand their businesses in China and Europe.

As the co-founder, she launched the project of Swiss-Chinese Cultural & Scientific Innovation Demonstration Park in Beijing in 2019, which covers cross-border e-commerce, financial training, humanities and arts, artificial intelligence research. So far, many Chinese and Swiss companies have participated in the project, especially the remarkable Swiss Brand Center which has gathered more than 100 Swiss origin brands.