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Johanna Miecznikowski-Fuenfschilling


After obtaining a degree in Italian Philology, Russian Philology and French Linguistics from the University of Basel, she was assistant in French Linguistics and in General Linguistics at the same university. In Basel, she worked on linguistic biographies of multilingual speakers (e.g. the volume Leben mit mehreren Sprachen. Sprachbiographien / Vivre avec plusieurs langues. Biographies langagières, Bern, Peter Lang, 2004, co-edited with Rita Franceschini), on the interactive construction of scientific discourse in a multilingual environment, and obtained, in 2002, a PhD in French Linguistics (Le traitement de problèmes lexicaux lors de discussions scientifiques en situation plurilingue. Procédés interactionnels et effets sur le développement du savoir, Bern, Peter Lang, 2005). After a period at the University of Turin, where she researched the conditional and discourse markers of spoken language, the University of Basel granted her, in 2010, the habilitation to teach Romance Linguistics. From 2012 to 2016 she was chair of the Swiss Association for Applied Linguistics.

She is adjunct professor at the Institute of Italian Studies and the Institute of argumentation, linguistics and semiotics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana, where she teaches Linguistics and Pragmatics within the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Italian language, literature and culture. She is currently directing the following research projects: "The categorization of information sources in face-to-face interaction: a study based on the TIGR-corpus of spoken Italian" (FNS grant no. 192771, 2020-2024), "Data-sharing skills in corpus-based research on talk-in-interaction" (swissuniversities ORD program, in collaboration with partners at the universities of Basel, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, April 2023-September 2024), "ShareTIGR: Sharing the TIGR corpus of spoken Italian: an ORD case study" (USI ORD program, February 2024 - January 2025).