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Germana D'Alessio



Since 1997 she has been a lecturer in German language and language for special purposes at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at USI. From 2000 to 2017 she  was  Head of SUPSI Language Competence Center (previously Language Centre), where she also was Head of the International Office (2004 – 2012); from 2009 to 2012, representative at IRUAS (International Relations Officers of UAS); from 2012 to 2014, member of the Thematic Working Group  “Languages in Education and Training“, European Commission, Bruxelles. Since 2002 she has been Director of the Goethe-Institut Examination Centre Ticino, and until 2015 was Director of the Cambridge Examination Centre in Ticino. In 2006 she was appointed SUPSI Professor and in 2011 she received the Credit Swiss Award for Best Teaching.

Previously she has been lecturer for German language and literature at the University of Milan, the IULM University and the Goethe-Institut, where she also operated as a teacher trainer for the Pädagogische Verbindungsarbeit department. She worked as counsellor for the Italian Public School Authority  in the field of the methodology and didactics of foreign languages and conducted seminars, conferences and workshops in Switzerland and abroad (Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Japan).

Germana D'Alessio graduated in German language and literature from the Faculty of Modern Literature at the University of Milan, and then certified in the Methodology and Didactics of German Language at the Goethe Institut. She has obtained the qualification as Teledocente at the  Fernfachhochschule Schweiz and the SUPSI CAS in Mediation and mediation techniques in a professional setting. 




Author of textbooks and multimedia materials, she carries out research on the themes of educational design and teaching processes, CLIL and of the use of authentic materials and feature films in language teaching. Over the years she participated in many research projects, among others:  The Swiss Confederation funded Virtual Campus project Mysterycove, English through game-based and gender-oriented scenarios,, and the EU Projects POOLS-T (Producing Open Online Learning System-Tools), POOLS-M (Producing Open Online Learning System-Methods) and  CLIL4U, on the subject of content and language integrated learning. Over the years she has produced 3 editions of the Filmrucksack project, and participated in the SUPSI-DFA project “Film a scuola per tutti”. In the 2015-2016 two-year period she was engaged in two funded projects: BAK (Beurteilung berufsspezifischer Sprachkompetenzprofile) and ASLAT (adaptive systems for foreign language teaching).