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Manuela Casanova


With a background in business and human resources, she obtained a Master of Advanced Studies in Human Capital Management.

Since USI was established, in 1996, she has worked alongside the first three Deans of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and, in 2007, started and developed the HR administration for the Lugano campus and the central services of USI.

In addition to the ordinary operations of a HR office (administration, staff recruiting, personnel management), in her position she has carried out several projects of process optimization and internal communication: integrated data management, cost controlling, reporting, integrated communication between services (the subject also of her Master's thesis).

She represents the administrative, librarian and technical staff within the USI Equal Opportunities workgroup and is a trainer in the field of the Services and Administration, as well as an examiner for commercial employees.

Since 2016, she has also been vice-president of the SUPSI Alumni Association, within which she co-founded the MAS HCM Club, for which she is responsible for the finances.