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Andrea Cavalli


Andrea Cavalli earned his degree in theoretical physics at the ETH in Zurich in 1995 and a Ph.D. in mathematics in 2001. After a period in the group of Amedeo Caflisch at the University of Zurich, in 2004 he joined the groups of Christopher Dobson and Michele Vendruscolo at the University of Cambridge, UK, with an Advanced Researcher Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. During this period of time, his work focused on the development of theoretical and computational methods for the determination of the structure of proteins from sparse experimental data. This line of research led to the development of the CHESHIRE method, which has enabled the first accurate determination of the native state of proteins using NMR chemical shifts (Cavalli et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (2007), vol. 104 (23) pp. 9615-9620) and the structural characterization of the intermediate state of a protein (Neudecker et al., Science (2012), vol. 336(6079), pp. 362-36). In December 2012, he joined the IRB as an Associate Member and was appointed as Group Leader in June 2016. His research is focused on the development of computational methods for the determination of the structure of folded and misfolded states of proteins from minimal sets of experimental data.