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Rebecca Amati


Rebecca Amati, M.Sc. has studied in the United States, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. She completed her bachelor in Communication Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan in September 2010 and received a double-Master degree in Communication, Management and Health (USI Lugano) and Business Administration (Virginia Tech, USA) with honors in September 2012.

In 2011, Rebecca Amati was awarded the Network USImpresa 2010-2011 for being the best student of her class. Her Master thesis, titled "Health Professionals’ Role with Respect to End-of-Life Patients", won the third price in the Swiss national Top Master 2012 contest. She was assigned a Top Student Paper Award of the Health Communication division in 2013 and a Top Paper Award of the Communication Assessment Division in 2014 by the National Communication Association. Currently Mrs. Amati is a doctoral student, teaching and research assistant at the Institute of Communication and Health (ICH) at the Università della Svizzera italiana.Her research primarily focuses on the interdisciplinary conceptualization of quality of care, competent interpersonal communication and end-of-life communication.