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Martin Fomasi


Martin Fomasi is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG).

He completed his studies at the Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines of the University of Neuchâtel where he obtained a bachelor's degree in History and Human Geography in 2017 and a master's degree in Innovation and Society in 2020.

His thesis project is part of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) funded project "The origins and spread of the World Wide Web. Rediscovering the early years of the Web inside and outside the CERN archive". His project aims to adopt a diachronic perspective and a posture inspired by Science and Technologies Studies (STS) to retrace technical choices that were being made at the time of the Web's development.

He works  at IMeG as teaching assistant for Media History and Sociology of Communication courses.

His research interests revolve around the development and adaptation of digital technologies and their impacts on societies and individuals.