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Deborah Barcella


Deborah Barcella is a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Media and Journalism (IMeG). 

In 2017, she obtained a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences, minor in corporate communication, writing a thesis on Guerrilla Marketing and Italian small family businesses. In 2019, she got a master's degree in Marketing, writing qualitative research on Brand Communities Mutations in the Age of Social Media

In both her bachelor's and master's degrees, she received the USI award for the best GPA. 

After working for private companies in marketing and event organizations, she returned to academia in October 2020 to pursue a doctorate in communication. 

Her research, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), studies how the World Wide Web was conceptualized, described, and promoted in its early years based on an extensive corpus of CERN archival material, exclusively available to her research team. Adopting a historical perspective, the work focuses on the marketing and brand management strategies that made the Web a globally important Internet service, outperforming competitors of the time.  

Her research interests include brand management, social media marketing, product marketing, media history, and digital cultures. 

At IMeG, she works as a teaching assistant for Social Media Management and Classics of Communication courses.