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Media Diet in Swiss Italian Households



Richeri G.


Cola M.


Prario B.



This project has a specific aim: to observe the media consumption of Swiss-Italian households considering the different characteristics of their members - their age, their sex, and their level of education. In this way it is possible to cater for the existence of different types of families in a broad and complete way, although each type of family requires specific instruments in order to be understood and evaluated. This aim was defined considering that the world of communication has increasingly been subject to innovation and change in its traditional references (which are cultural and market-based). Moreover, in Switzerland studies on media consumption have as yet analyzed only the different age groups (in particular young people), or specific linguistic areas (namely Swiss-French and Swiss-German), so it is important and useful to do research on the media consumption of Swiss-Italian households, not only to compare the data of the different linguistic areas, but also to make comparisons with neighboring countries. From a theoretical standpoint the project is based upon two assumptions: it is very important to analyze media consumption as a whole - we use the metaphor of media diet - and the media consumption of households. The project combines qualitative and quantitative surveys. From an empirical standpoint, the purpose is to examine the factors that influence the media diet of different targets.

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Start date
End date
33 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / Project Funding / Humanities and social sciences (Division I)