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BLIN - Apprendimento "blended" nell''analisi numerica



Tardini S.


Martin E.


External participants

Graf Andrea

(Third-party responsible)


BLIN aims to develop a set of modules for blended learning courses in numerical analysis oriented towards students in engineering and informatics curricula of the Universities of Applied Sciences. It will bring three main benefits. Firstly, UAS increasingly offer also curricula to working students, which have difficulties in attending regular classes. BLIN reduces the share of classroom hours from 50 percent to 30 percent of the total study time. Secondly, BLIN introduces a set of innovative animations, for guiding students through the process of a complex algorithm, by visualizing simultaneously the code of the program (implemented in different programming languages), the output values at each iterative step and their graphical representation. This powerful tool will help students to understand the link between the program code and its implementation. Finally, BLIN will introduce a strong tutoring system, to help working students to stay on track.
BLIN will be realized by three large technical UAS, the Department of Innovative Technologies of the SUPSI, the Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur and the Ecole d´Ingénieurs de Fribourg. These schools will adopt BLIN in their bachelor courses (both full time and part time) for a total number of about 645 students. However, given the importance of numerical analysis as propedeutic course in engineering, the project has a huge potential market throughout all Swiss UAS.

Additional information

Start date
End date
31 Months
Funding sources
External partners
Beneficiario principale Andrea Graf, SUPSI
swissuniversities / Swiss Virtual Campus