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DigCorpCos - The Churches of Rome in the Middle Ages, 1050-1300 A digital platform for Corpus Cosmatorum II (CorpCos II)



Mondini D.



This project aims to create a web-based, interactive map and research platform for datasets related to the “Churches of Rome in the Middle Ages” (Corpus Cosmatorum II) research infrastructure financed by the SNSF. The CorpCos II is the first catalogue of the churches of the city of Rome (1050-1300) in which “cosmatesque” works have been preserved or documented. The so-called “Cosmati” were marble workers and architects active between the 11th and the 13th century, famous for their sculpture and polychrome encrustation works. The CorpCos II platform will offer first glance essential data and research results about the catalogue’s medieval churches and their liturgical furnishing. Short texts (“Schede”), and 1-10 plans / photographs will illustrate each site. In addition, for each church whose research has already been complete (so far 88 out of 133 churches are finished), a pdf file of the scientific text will be freely downloadable via the platform.
Our website will also grant access to the Research-Data on DaSCH (long term preservation infrastructure for Research Data in the Humanities), mainly the “Bilddatenbank” where the high-resolution pictures, and other documentary materials from our research are being stored. The platform will be useful for different audiences – from interested laymen and women like tourists (Citizen Science) to a specialized audience – as well as a learning tool for university students.

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Start date
End date
18 Months
External partners
Kunsthistorisches Institut UZH, Dartmouth College USA, Actus Pittsburgh USA, DaSCH
USI Internal calls / Projects on OS and ORD