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GMH - Global Mental Health workshop



Albanese E.



Despite a large corpus of evidence and many clinical trials testing mental health interventions, evidence in global mental health remains markedly heterogeneous and hard to reconcile. A new tool that classifies randomized studies across the promotion-to-treatment continuum holds the promise of a leap forward in the consolidation of evidence on mental health interventions.

Our goal is to tackle a widely recognized conundrum in mental health: we know much more and better than what we do for those with mental disorders, and the promotion of mental health and well-being of the whole population.

Specific aims encompass the finalization, testing, validation, and application of a new tool that classifies randomized studies in mental health.

Our methods include two separate activities. First, in a series of expert workshops, we will combine and apply GRADE and CHNRI consensus methodologies in science and research. Second, in a public conference, we will allow dialogue and debate between experts and the public on the implications of our initiative for the population's mental health.

The expected results include the launch of the new evidence synthesis method to classify randomized studies of mental health interventions and the dissemination of its use and relevance for the general population.

There are potential relevant implications for the Swiss biomedical and research community. The new tool can not only improve the classification of existing primary studies but also assist the design of new studies and interventions in mental health. International collaborations are expected. A dialogue between academia (and experts) and the public will begin and is expected to continue.

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Start date
End date
3 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / Scientific Exchanges