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Piattaforma tecnologica alpina



Prevostini M.


Balac K.


Mura M.



The goal of PTA project is to design and implement a vehicle tracking system capable of controlling trans-boundary movements of non-hazardous wastes. In open areas tracking is done via GPS (Global positioning system) and location is sent to central monitoring station using GSM/GPRS network. As GPS requires direct line of sight to satellites it can not be used for positioning in tunnels and other obstructed areas.  Accurate localisation is a crucial requirement for an increasing number of vehicular applications and services including safety applications. Safety inside tunnels is particularly critical as accidents will cause more damage due to difficult evacuation. The task of ALaRI team is to design, implement and evaluate a wireless sensor network based system for vehicle localisation inside tunnels. The measurements in a real tunnel play a crucial role for the system design and evaluation.

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Start date
End date
36 Months
Funding sources
European and International Programmes / Interreg