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Public Space Design in the "Città Ticino" of tomorrow



Arnaboldi M.


Galfetti A.


Rizzi F.


Sassi E.


Vitiello A.


Zamboni G.



The research “URBAN / LANDSCAPE DESIGN – Public Space in the Città-Ticino of tomorrow” does not intend only to expand on theoretical studies but, much more pragmatically, it is designed to help create new disciplinary instruments to improve the quality of public spaces. The research is proposing tools to stimulate the collaboration between university and public administration, using the tool “territorial design” (progetto territoriale). The collaboration will act on three different levels: theoretical, practical and didactical. The main goal of the theoretical level is to identify the area's vocations and to improve their most significant characteristics. Practically the research is proposing certain tools, which are able to integrate and to improve the actual “Master Plan” level. The research will also implement relations on didactical activities verifying the approach of Mendrisio's Accademia di architettura on questions related with territorial and urban scale. The research will analyse the “Città-Ticino” - region deeply transformed by the construction of the “Alptransit Ticino”, vital connection between Zürich and Milan – which is having as well a specific geographical conformation as it is containing urban and naturalistic qualities beside the strong presence of natural landscape, deeply influenced by its infrastructures. The research will answer to the following questions: Which qualities do we find in the “Città-Ticino”? Which qualities do we design for the more sustainable “Città-Ticino” of tomorrow? What kind of tools should be implemented to realize the sustainable “Città-Ticino” of tomorrow? The Design is considered as a research tool, assuming the indivisibility between analysis and project in the four scales: planning, urban design, landscape architecture and architecture. Special attention will be dedicated to the design of public space – as urban as the empty, open, “natural” space like fields, parks, lakes, woods. Mobility infrastructures (streets and roads) are as well considered as significant public space. The Research procedure is structured in 5 phases: 1) Information: collection of historic, cartography, iconographic, statistical information; 2) analysis: regional study of the territory (studio comprensoriale del paesaggio) for the entire Canton Ticino; 3) characterization: identifying different regions (comprensori) and the definition of single areas; 4) design study: planning and projecting with the research team´s participation; 5) guidelines and recommendations: from the design output elaborated theoretical guidelines, strategic and territorial recommendations for local and regional level. Important spin-off is expected on political and administrative level: the project is sustained by the Dipartimento del Territorio del Cantone Ticino; the results of the research (guidelines and recommendations) should be adopted by the cantonal government.

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Start date
End date
62 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / NRP - National Research Programmes