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Competence Center in Digital Law



Tardini S.


Bondi U.


Cottier B.


Picco Schwendener A.


Baggi M.


Josic G.


Peter L. E.



The goal of the competence center in digital law is to support Swiss Higher Education Institutions (teachers, researchers and staff of libraries, IT services, law services and administration) in dealing with legal questions in relation with the digitalization process and the use of new media and technologies and raise awareness of legal risks. In a first moment the center concentrates on the topic of COPYRIGHT. Gradually other topics will be added, especially privacy and data protection, licensing agreements, etc. The competence center offers a KNOWLEDGE BASE (with FAQs, detailed BASICS (reference texts) that explain the law and interactive CASE STUDIES), a broad TRAINING OFFER and a personalized CONSULTING SERVICE. The knowledge base is continuously enriched with new contents gained from questions received by the center and the corresponding answers. In this way a knowledge pool is create and made available to all Swiss Higher Education Institutions. The knowledge base, the training offer and the consulting service are available in the three Swiss national languages (German, French, Italian) and in English.

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Start date
End date
36 Months
Funding sources
swissuniversities / P-5 Scientific information: Access, processing and safeguarding