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Smart Charging Cell for Smart Cities

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Lukovic S., Kaitovic I.
Article in conference proceedings
Energy consumption can be to some extent steered not only in time but in special cases in space as well. This mostly concerns electric vehicles (EV) charging. In this work we present conceptual solution of a 'GeoGreen Cell'' developed in scope of an international project -- Ge(o)Green. The main purpose of such an aggregation is to efficiently coordinate. EV charging with respect to price of energy both in time and space. Even though massive acceptance of EVs seems far, there is an emerging need for conceptual solutions and reference models of solutions for their seamless integration into energy system in particular in urban areas. In fact, system level models of the supporting ICT architecture, including structural and behavioral ones, have beendeveloped. The models have been verified by means of simulations to assure their correctness. Scheduling optimization algorithms have been created and the system has been validated by means of system-level simulations.
Conference proceedings
The 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IWIES)
aggregation, EV charging, structural and behavioral models, SyML