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Virtual Power Plant as a bridge between Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grid

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Lukovic S., Kaitovic I., Mura M., Bondi U.
Article in conference proceedings
The liberalization of energy markets, especially in correlation with the Smart Grid concept development, requires adjusted legislation, new business models, energy stock exchanges establishment and many other advanced instruments. Realization of these features necessitates novel concepts to support such changes in the power system while granting security and reliability of supply. Such evolution poses new challenges to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to bridge the gap between increased complexity of deregulated market and on the other side expected rapid growth of number of players in power systems. Increasing presence of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) implementations constitutes a further source of complexity. Bearing in mind ongoing and possible scenarios we aim to determinate the place and role of the novel Virtual Power Plants (VPP) concept, related to the Smart Grid structure. At the same time we introduce an innovative modeling approach as an instrument to determine actors and highlight their actual roles and interactions from different point of view, trying to pave the way for development of a common understanding platform for variety of stakeholders. The effectiveness of the proposed modeling concept is shown through a number of UML models representing system level description of VPP at different levels of abstraction.
Conference proceedings
Proceedings of 43th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS''43)
Meeting place
Hawaii, USA
distributed energy resources, smart grid, unified modeling language (UML), virtual power plants