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Master of Science in Communication and Economics in Corporate Communication (MCC)


Corporate communication is today considered a key management function. It is about managing relationships with the organisation´s stakeholders in order to maximise the corporation´s reputation capital and thus to guarantee access to strategic resources. Corporate communication specialists therefore need to acquire solid general management skills in order to carry out their roles effectively. To this purpose, the programme develops analytical and decision-making abilities for corporate communication, grounded in a sound knowledge of organisation, business economics and management. The different Corporate communication specialization areas are addressed as well as corporate social responsibility and professional ethics. In order to help develop these analytical and decision making skills, lectures are integrated with more active teaching methods, consisting of discussion of case histories, role-playing, business games, individual and group projects, etc. Graduates from the programme will be ready to enter the corporate communication profession at a management level. The skills acquired meet the requirements for professional careers in organisations of different kinds as well as in corporate communication agencies and consulting firms. Graduates will also be able to undertake specialised roles, in areas such as internal communication, media, financial relations, public affairs or marketing communication management.