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Master of Science in Economics and Communication in Financial Communication (MFC)


The goal of the Master in Financial Communication is to form specialists able to bridge the knowledge gap between financial experts and investment decisions makers, by means of advanced communication principles, techniques and skills applied to finance.
Joining in a comprehensive argumentative approach the knowledge of business economics and law, with the appropriate interpersonal skills, our graduates will be prepared to put financial information "at work", in order to foster appropriate investment decisions. They will be trained to intermediate, in a sensible and timely manner, financial institutions and various other companies with their clients, investors and other stakeholders, so being an effective interface between the financial industry and the public at large. Moreover, by following the logic of the information flow in the financial market (how financial information is generated, transmitted and analyzed), the study programme will allow our graduates to meet the exigencies and the challenge of working with and within the financial media.

The two-year study programme (120 ECTS) is centered on three main pillars - business economics and finance, communication and argumentation, and law and ethics. By the end of the programme, our students will have acquired fundamental analytical, argumentative and interpersonal skills, grounded in a solid knowledge of financial market behavior, strategies and regulations, so being enabled to efficiently craft the information for financial decisions.

The Master is entirely held in English.
Elective courses in Italian are also available, as well as language courses.